Saturday, April 17

Music, oh come on!

Have you ever noticed that reading blogs goes hand in hand with writing blogs? This is perhaps the reason you have not seen much activity in my page the past few weeks. Yes I will admit, I have stepped away from the reading which has left me void of ideas. The real culprit I believe is Face Book and its mindless drivel. Occasionally I come up with a witty line or 2 to post there but for the most part the real writing is developed from the posts and comments I come across in blogdom. Did read a few this morning, thank you Irish Gumbo... good piece on music.
   Using history as the guide/teacher it would be mindless to say "Rock and roll will never die". I am a product of the 60's meaning my true thrust into the world of music came to be the 70's. The decade of meaning, what's right, what's wrong where is it going, where will it lead... all questions to be answered in song. So what happened to the artists that made the music "real"? They got old, and rock n roll being a young mans game, lost its edge. Lyrics that stand out would be "when the band starts playing a different tune, you will find me on the dark side of the moon."
   Yes I will throw opinion in the mix, and say it was AC/DC that in the late 70's took the blues and turned them into "mind grind". Louder, screaming and not meaning a thing. From there it all slipped into the "heavy metal" which in my opinion was the death of Rock n Roll as it was meant to be. I remember not so long ago, sitting in a bar, the music louder than atomic explosions the lyrics using the f-bomb among other curse words in every line, I set my half drank beer on the bar, got up, shaking my head in disbelief and walked out thinking "this is entertainment?" Take a look on my c drive, Aerosmith to ZZ Top most of what you see was the pop/rock/progressive tunes that made the 70's the last real decade of Rock n Roll. There, said my piece... or Peace.

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