Sunday, April 18

roast again

This just doesn't get old for me, I love cooking a pot roast. 2 lb roast, beef, and then the potatoes, onion, carrots, and green beans. It really sets up the evening with the aroma of roast all through the apartment. I just enjoy cutting up the vegies and making my own masterpiece. I stopped doing this for little bit, but I am back to it now. I check it about 50 mins from now, usually takes about 2 hours and is great dinner for almost 1/2 the week.

Can someone send me a recipe for something to do with a kielbasa beyond fried with sauerkraut? At one time I would use kielbasa as meat in spaghetti  sauce, but I fell away from that, I'm not real big on spaghetti anyways.

Dinner was great, I really enjoyed this meal.

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