Monday, April 26


   On a rain delay, gives me time to sit and think (some say I think too much) I don't think one can think too much. It just doesn't make sense to think too much. I mean, how much thought went into the US Constitution? or the Theory of Relativity? Logic leads me to believe the more you think the more logical the end product will be.
    So, I had a  small dinner party last night. For once my roast fed a few people, and I still have more for the week. Tommy and Christy both seemed to enjoy the meal, and the conversation kept things alive. It was a great time for everyone here. I do enjoy having company over for dinner.
Well got the day done so here I sit at home, not much going on. I could get myself busy and clean up a few little messes from last night, but I think I will procrastinate on that.

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