Friday, May 14

2 c's... Cats and Coffee

Man, I need to kick myself or maybe you can do that for me. Was in the grocery store, went round and round (there's a song there somewhere) back to the produce dept at least 3 times. Last venture was to pick up a lime... I get home to unpack and store the various food stuffs, wouldn't you know it, the more pressing of all items was forgotten, left at the store and I can not do with out this item... What the heck is that Pirate? you may ask... Coffee! I am a firm believer in the statement, "morning with out coffee is like night, you sleep right through it." Passed the pet supplies a few times, each time I even spoke out loud, to myself of course, "got that" get home to find, cat food is here, found by doubling the price of what I buy will last 4 times the smaller bags. Dang it, I need to get kitty litter... if I could just teach the guys how the toilet works I could save a lot of money.  These not really being items I can do with out I am going to need to make a trip to the store again before I go out tonight. 

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