Friday, May 14


Don't think I will do that again! 
Went out last night, work is a 'must go' today, and I feel terrible. Sitting here wishing I could just call in sick... not only did I go to the bar last night, I was drinking lots of whiskey, and I am just not right today. The worst part is I have to work on Saturday... but enough complaining, did it to myself, so I will take whats comin'... I just have this ability to not think things out before I make decisions. I did however enjoy the time I was out last night. I have been going to church meetings on Thursday night the past 3 weeks. Got myself involved with these "small group" meetings and I am quite disappointed in the one I signed up for. So point being, I had a better time last night than I have the past 3 Thursdays, a little rough getting my morning running but I will cope... I'll post again soon, the life of a pirate is rough.

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