Thursday, May 6


Was strange, I saw him this morning. Aries, came into and out of the room, early early in the morning. I noted he was there as usual. A few hours later Neo was setting by me and Aries was no where to be seen, worried me a bit. The balcony door was open all night and morning. I had a sense that he was no longer in the apartment. This did spook me. Perhaps he just found a great hiding spot and couldn't be found? This did cross my mind and I do wish that was the case, I went to work, did my job, thinking of my missing cat. I was hoping, knowing it would be a slight chance that he would be waiting for me with Neo at the front door, which he always did, and I do stress always. Well no such... Aries is missing, gone, poof... not hide nor hair all day since probably about 3:00 am. The worry is bit more serious now, sun has set, and this cat has never been outside... I adopted him, brought him home, and his 'outdoor' experience was my balcony. Though the balcony seems high, I did have a cat once jump off a 2nd story balcony that for the roll of the hills seemed to be a high as this one, on the 3rd floor. I saw that cat land, and run till he felt safe (was scared by a little angle biting dog). So my guess is while obviously not having acrophobia, jumped off the balcony to go out and enjoy the unknown for a day or so. Well I will just have to sit tight, call his name now and again and hope my buddy that thinks he is a Bengal Tiger will return to his feeding grounds again soon. I'm starting to miss the guy.

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