Saturday, May 8


How's this for spontaneity, usually the roast is on Sunday. Finished work early today and I did the roast on Friday this week. The roast chicken was a smashing success on Sunday and for some reason was all gone by Tuesday. So I pulled the pork roast out of the freezer a little early and needed to use it. So like a blogging chef, I thought I would post a post on my cooking. 

Someone needs to work out the issues with the pictures on blogger, I have a hard time setting pics in my blog posts too often. ie can't post pics first, have to put in the text first then the order of pics, I should be able to select what pic is on the top to what pic is on the bottom.

Ok... took me a little time and a few tries to get this one set up.

Really its a good meal, no recepie needed, just so much of this and so much of that and cook till its done.. simple stuff really.

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