Saturday, May 8


Was just thinking, shouldn't a moon be round? In the spirit of dropping Pluto out of the definition of planet and calling it a Plutoid or what ever 'they' (those nebulous scientists that just keep us thinking) are going to classify Pluto as. Moons should be round objects orbiting a parent planet. This would still leave quite a few moons orbiting Saturn. The 'irregular shaped' objects should be classified as "space debris". We can still name these as we always have, Mars then wouldn't have 2 moons, rather has 2 space debris objects, Phobos and Deimos. This would be a picture of 2 of the many space debris objects orbiting Saturn. Pandora and Epimetheus are seen here orbiting just out side the ring plane of the planet, as seen by Cassini.  


Domestically Challenged said...

Why should a moon be round?

Gregory said...

They just are, why isn't Pluto known as a Planet? too small? one has to be the smallest.