Monday, May 17

The Hidden Truth

Well its not coming down in shovels and pitch forks but rain does hamper my situation, and is best to wait... so wait I do. Some would see this as a bonus, a perk if you will to my job. Actually, I hate this part of my job. Waiting waiting waiting.... Back in the day, when I did my lawn care applications on horse back, the job was sold to you at the time of your hire, "And we don't work in the rain and you are guaranteed 40 hours" the manager would tell you with a fake smile. So you think wow... I may just come to love this gig. What he didn't tell you is on rainy days you still show up, ready to work, and wait wait wait... usually doing busy work, paper, cleanup, maintenance to equipment... maybe even get in your vehicle, usually a van, go to your route and wait. Oh the boredom. Eventually you did some work, a full day on a late start or the "higher ups" would call it a day contact you if out in the field by 2 way and you went home destined to work Saturday. Now days the bigger company's hungry for the billings say screw it, you are being paid do production; you will see the Scott's and True Green's out in the rain, heavy or not.  The real problem with the rain is the granular fertilizer, the Prills get damp, stick together, clump up; its just a real hassle and an aggravation. On top of that you are getting soaked by the rain.Truly, its more the appearance to the public, most would assume the liquid weed control is getting washed off and ineffective. This is where a soapy liquid product known as spreader sticker comes in. Mixed in the tank with water and weed control it helps the active ingredients 'stick' to the plant. A light rain or mist will not effect the application, will actually benefit the application. Now heavy rain, cat n dogs, shovels n pitch forks, this is another story, work should come to a stop at this point. Truth be told, the bigger companies squeezing every bit of the budget don't even use spreader sticker. There's the call I have been waiting on, gotta go. Well guess I have rambled for some time now, and thus ends Lawn Care Tech 101.

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