Tuesday, May 18

Space Update

Cassini keeps exploring; one of if not the most interesting finds has been this moon Enceladus. From what I have read the plume comes out of the southern polar regions of this moon. Why the photo comes like this is beyond me, but anyway...
If you read any data of this moon you know what the Tiger Stripes are and the ice/ organic material spewing out of them. So I will not bore you with all the unnecessary facts. If interested you can go here to read, but if you are interested you probably already know that web site, if not, you are welcome.
     As of late NASA has been using the Mars Orbiter to see if the Spring has maybe revived Phoenix, with low expectations. The lander was not designed to withstand the extreme cold of the Martian Winter.
     Other than that, the solar system is still here, Pluto is no longer considered a planet, Earth is still here, despite mankind (sarcasm) and Messenger (not yahoo) is still on course to orbit Mercury. I have a sneaking suspicion that Pluto's down grade from planet may have something to do with it being named for a Disney character.
     That's all I've got now, tune in next week.

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Apologies if you've already covered this, but what's up with Jupiter losing yet another stripe??