Wednesday, May 26

Me President?

There was such talk of change, and change it did, it changed into the same Washington corporate popularity it has been for over the past 30 years. Truly, drastic change is not a good thing. Tweaking would be more to point. The point being addressed here is does it really matter who wins the Presidential race?  They after all are all politicians. By the time you have been established in the Washington rat race long enough to get nominated for President, you have become familiar with "how things are done here." No one is really immune from the corruption that poisons the government. What is it that drives a person to be President anyway? I certainly would not want the job. 

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Eowyn said...

Well, it all comes down to this:

Either we live our lives by the template that our founding Fathers left us, or we don't.

The Constitution lays it all out.

Me, I think they got it right.