Wednesday, May 26

Quotes worth living by

I read a quote the other day, "Everyone will hurt you, choose the ones that are worth it." or at least close to verbatim. Quoted by the late Bob Marley. One can vow to never be hurt again, this is true of most people that experience a broken heart. In making the vow to never be hurt again might equate to never allowing yourself to fall in love again. I did go through this one time long ago. When my wife of almost 10 years told me "I don't love you anymore and I am leaving" my world came to a crashing halt. How could this be, I thought. The pain that ensured was unbelievable, I don't think I will feel pain like that ever again. The next few years I systematically removed love from my emotion banks. "I love you" never crossed my mind, and was replaced with "your a cool chick" or  "I like you" or something empty and meaningless like that. But you know what?  It worked. I wasn't getting hurt, I also found that life with out love was empty. I did eventually come out of my shell, opened my heart and guess what? 
Yup... I got hurt again. Think I will take the advise of Bob Marley.

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The Jules said...

Life is troughs as well as peaks mate.