Sunday, May 9


It's a day to reflect, yea even us pirates have mothers... 

The woman puts her life on hold to bring a new one into the world. She will sacrifice much, do without, and worry herself all in the effort of her children. 

For my mom, in a foolish moment I can neither be held accountable for nor shake responsibility of my mother became not only my companion, guardian and parent but also my nurse, therapist, and best friend. My recovery, no less than a miracle, can not be explained by medical science and is the work of not only myself, chance and medical science. My mother was there. Though not around to accept my thanks, I will take this moment to thank my mother for all she did.   


Eowyn said...

God bless your dear mom, and you, my friend.

The only way we can repay them for all they've given us is to give back, in however small a way, to other people.


Domestically Challenged said...

Cheers, to your mom!