Monday, May 10

Candles and More

Up at the store to buy some needed items, came across a great sale, 2 for 1. Was running tight on the budget haha when is the budget Not Tight?...Money was tight but I could use a few more candles, so I got 2. Before I came to the candle sale I did see a lime in the produce stand, believe this... It spoke to me, saying maybe you should buy some Corona...

Now a short musical interlude... this is what I like about Pink Floyd.

credits on the gadget are wrong, this is Pink Floyd from the Umma Gumma set. 

Jump the frame ahead about 12 hours and here I sit, waiting out the rain. It is nice that my pay is not depending on the hours I do work, I am essentially on a salary and do get paid for rain days. Thing with this is the boss, paying workers for time off is hesitant to "call it a day."  I end up in a holding pattern, starting work late is not as fun as one would think. Not being one to like drastic change in my life, getting home later is not on the top of the list of my favorite things. Bare with me now, the job I do is based on the calendar; late February to early March is the start of "growing season" applications are set to be spaced by about 7 weeks. Though start was pushed back this year for snow we are within a day of last years schedule.
       I am rambling now, yes, I know this.....

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