Monday, June 14


Would be on my way to get the work day over but this dang weather, put me on an hour delay. Not real sure the exact reason for the delay, its not raining and though they are calling a 50% chance of thunder storms, that still leaves 50% saying it won't. Well beat me with a stick... its raining, we will just wait this one out, go to work and... well after the rain the humidity is up to about 100% sticky, hot and miserable, but then I am a lawn care tech, part of my job is complaining. 
     While unsightly, this turfgrass disease is not going to kill off your lawn. Fungicide being a bit costly is not the recommended solution. Rather, raise the mowing height, increase watering will usually help the situation.   Another common fungus that is present in lawns. The best rule of thumb to go by to prevent disease damage is "the hotter the higher" referring to mowing. Frequent watering will help, avoid watering after sundown. Well my additional hour is about up this morning, we will continue Lawn Care 101 another time.

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