Saturday, June 12


So we call this "shovels and pitchforks". Its not traveling weather unless your name is Noah and you have been laboring the past few months creating an ark. I did however find myself away from home and wanting to get back to my 'ship'. So I drove quite a few miles through the pouring rain, just as I think "this is not really 'traveling' weather I see a runner. Now, you want to talk about dedication; this is the kind of rain that gets you soaked just going out to get in the vehicle., so you just say "I don't think so" and what ever errands where on your mind can wait.
     Rain and Saturday, not such a great combo, as I am not big on sports or TV there just isn't much to do.

Well of course I'm listening to music, its how I pass the time, listen to tunes and search different things on the computer. 

Well as it turns out I do have some plans tonight ... more later

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