Saturday, June 19

In my ventures...or whats missing here

In my off hours I have a lot of time to kill these days, I often go out to the many parks in and around my small world. I happened upon the Blue Ash Center today. This is really a nice park, and is home of the Summer Concert Series, Friday nights during the summer they bring in some bands, usually Tribute bands. The park includes a memorial to past wars the US has been involved in. Metal statues surround the memorial. Interesting to note is the American flag by each statue is the flag of that point in American history. The one by the Revolutionary War statue has only 13 stars, and so on. I took photos of several points in the memorial. 

Of the most interesting things I noted, took me some time to realize. I have not been back to this park in about a year, I saw the fountain, which was a central item in the park had been removed, and replaced with paving stones. You can see the area where the fountain had once been, the red paving stones, right in front of the stage. I had sat down at a table and was looking at the stage, and it dawned on me... after several minutes, "hey... the fountain isn't there anymore!"
     I had a great time getting out in the warm sun and blue skies today. I will make it a point to come up here for one or more of the concerts this Summer.
 A shot of the fountain, the tree and people on the 'island' are metal statues. The picture I took of the stage where the fountain was is angled just left of this shot.

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