Friday, June 18

Yea I still think this way

This is exactly what I am talking about. I can hardly see this boulder being called a 'moon'. This 'space debris' is one of Saturn's moons named Helene. 

As I sit here I think I could be on to something of vast importance here; my next letter to NASA:

To whom it may concern, 

In the wake of not only changing the classification of, but also using it as a classification; Pluto now being known as a 'Plutiod. I feel the definition of "a moon" needs reclassified and a new satellite classification is in order. I would like the non-spherical objects now known as moons to be redefined as "space debris". When one talks to me of moons, in my minds eye I see a sphere, glowing in the night sky. 
scientifically speaking, 
                                                                                   Pirate Named Neo

      This does go all the way back to my primary school days when I would open my science text book and see a picture of Phobos and Deimos the moon of Mars. I would think, "how can they have an entire belt of Asteroids, not so far away from Mars, and still you are going to call these 2 chunks of space stuff moons? And then check this my scientific friend, the orbit of Phobos is in a state of decay. Meaning that at some point you will need to change Phobos from a moon to a meteor.

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