Saturday, July 24

In just a few words

A wonderful someone, a recent blog I began following; brought to mind a few thoughts. As drama goes, kings and queens both, drama is far from boring. It can rip your world apart, throw you to the wolves, and cloud your decisions leaving you to choose what you didn't want in the first place. I for one will take boredom over drama any day of the week, including the rare second Monday that comes along. 

If You Are Taking This As A Personal Attack And You Feel Compelled To Defend Yourself,  Note That Your Name Was Never Mentioned.
Note that the above is a quote,

I can relate to this statement though... In many ways the person responsible for the quote has touched my life. All for the good. Though I have never spoken to (other than email) seems to have wisdom beyond the years and seems to be as aware of my feelings as I am... it is a strange coincidence. Especially taking the fact that coincidence does not exist... everything is meant to happen under the grand scheme of life.
     The ones you know, meet and come in contact with are planed... Karma if you will.
Looking back (always in 20/20) the jobs I have lost make room for the next, the people I lose contact with leave a longing for the ones I will meet. I have posted this before and will again, "To everything there is a season, and a purpose under heaven" leaving religion out and focus on Heaven being what ever you believe heaven to be. "Bad things" always seem to have a way of being good.
Death is not an end but rather a beginning, the beginning of something I will never understand until I die.

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