Friday, July 23

Stay informed

so I haven't posted anything worth a comment in a while, what can I say? I'm busy. Busy waiting for one of those creative moods to hit me again. Until then I will continue to write these mundane, boring posts. I hate when I get writers block... I just can't think of a single thing to write about. Could always tell you about work, using a special herbicide the past 2 weeks, called Q4. Not exactly sure what happened to Q1 thru Q3 but this Q4 has the 2,4D and Dicamba to kill off broad leaf weeds but also has Sulfentrazone in it to kill off Nut Sedge, the Q is Quinclorac which kills off crabgrass and some other annual grasses like Dallis grass and Foxtail.   
 Do you feel more informed now?


The Jules said...

Ha - that'll learn them grasses!

Mimi Black said...

Ahh Leaves Of Grass

(Actually I don't like that poem) :)

Tempo said...

Yep, well informed.