Wednesday, September 22

Mornings, my time of day.  Of course the evening is good too, but I just don't see the "I'm not a morning person" having any validity at all. Morning, especially those I don't work are the best thing since sliced bread... I sorta prefer the whole grain variety. 
So, anyway... if I was not up before the sun I would not have been able to provide you with this excellent shot of the sun coming up. They so say "Red sky in the morning sailors (lawn technicians) take warning." Really though, I would call this more of an Orange, I am not aware of an Orange sky having any particular meaning.
     I get this fabulous view in the morning every day I work, I see this as a good thing.

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Tempo said...

I'm up at sparrows fart as well, but the sun rises over the steel mill here...hardly making for a good pic.