Saturday, December 11


The past summer while not the summer I had wished brought a few good times. I was at a festival that had musical guests Peter Frampton (now known as home town celeb) and Yes. I have seen Peter Frampton, and before all his hair fell out. He is a top notch performer and has some really great songs; some of which are not on the "Framton Comes Alive" album. Being a big Yes fan, that's who I went to see. The opportunity to see them had never presented itself. Now your first question should be, "Neo, do you like the Howe/Wakeman edition or do you like Raven/what's his name? Well I should say of course I like the Howe/Wakeman edition. The only reason I include this, I get to the festival, and go toward the stage before show time. A booth is set beside the stage for the rock radio station and info. I walk up, "so....I guess this is going to be the Raven version of Yes?" Straight up the man told me, "No, actually the guitarist and the singer are from Yes Tribute bands." I stood there a moment gathering this knowledge, I asked if anyone in the band was from the band Yes, I was informed Bill Buford was on stage. True it was nothing more than a Yes Tribute band but did sound pretty good to me. Any of the old time Classic Rock bands still performing, do of course sound a little different, age tends to do that. The show really rocked the park and I left a happy sort having seen a great Yes Tribute band.

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