Sunday, December 12

Thomas said so

Now I know religion is a touchy subject, think the Hatfield and McCoy fight was over religion. My point here is, this is Christmas time, this country was founded on Christian beliefs. "Separation of Church and State" is reference to the way the Church in England made decisions and the founding fathers wanted the the government to be free to make decisions on it own. I doesn't mean no Nativity Scene displays on public property. Reminds me of the time 'they' fought to have the 10 commandments removed from the front facade of a school building here near Cincinnati. Well 'they' won, and the school building was tore up in front because the essence of our laws was etched in stone. If we are going to be this trivial about public displays we better remove all the bibles from the White House, the Koran too... lets just redefine what Thomas Jefferson and friends meant, he did say NO RELIGION in the government, didn't he?

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