Sunday, December 12

Comic of old

I do remember when. This guy is the definition of comic  genius. The "character"  brings a new light to 'ignorance'. Cat handcuff? Cats embezzling money? Arrow through the head? Bunnie ears? Its sort of sad that the stand up phase of the comedian in general is the beginning and only a phase. Well some do I imagine make the stand up role a life's work. George Carlin... George Burns; but this is about Steve Martin. He certainly had a knack to make the silly look funny. "Do you mind if I smoke?" "No... do you mind if I fart?" classic somewhat 'clean' humor that was just... "out on the edge". I think its easy to use inappropriate curse words to get a laugh.  While not all together "rated G" he never really never went down that road. Classy guy, one might say and goes in my book as one of the greatest comedians... ever.
He was quite the musician also.

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