Thursday, December 16

From Planet to Object to Oid

      I am coming clean on this one, I am a product of the 60's, when space exploration took off or shall we say "blasted off". I was witness to the landing on the moon, help fast by the entire Apollo series of missions, the Lunar Rover, Skylab, etc. I was left with an insatiable curiosity. Needless to say my first choice was not to be a pirate, but rather I wanted to be an astronaut. Life with its turns and twists, and here I am... downloading mp3's, window programs, professional editions of all the free ones, with a key-gen, well it sort of got out of control. Not saying I don't enjoy being a pirate, but my mind is else where most of the time, in space of all places.
     So I am wondering, why (the first thought most scientists have). Now as I grew up my interest in science was of course the chapters in the book covering the Solar System. "The Sun" as it is known by many, is a star and said star was named Sol (thus the term Solar). Sol has 9 planetary bodies orbiting; Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars... and so on. No, wait, as of 1980 some... 10 planets, no 9, that new one was part of the Kupier belt (much like the asteroid belt, but on the outside of the Solar System). Oh wait, Pluto, the last of the 9 is now reclassified, Kupier Object, no wait, its more than that, it's a sphere, much like a moon or planet, but orbits the sun erratically, not like the other 8, more than just a Kupier object we shall classify it again. Now its a Plutoid. Well, how convenient; just like that, they decide to downgrade from planet to object to oid. Next thing Earth will be classified as an Earthoid. 
      Didn't I mention Space Debris a while back? 
Oh yea, that's right I am just a pirate, no Phd pbs abc cbs or whatever... I can't just name or classify. 
So here I am, shocked, right to my soul, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Asteroid belt, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus ('Ur-a-nus not Yur anas) Neptune and no longer Pluto, but Plutoid known as Pluto, Iris, a Kupier Object and last the Kupier Belt. Are you as confused as I am? 
May the force be with you
Neo (the pirate, not the moon)

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