Tuesday, December 14

More Space Garbarge or Neo: Earths new moon

I know, looks just like Phobos, but this is another World, another so called "moon". This is Pandora, one of many irregular shaped moons orbiting Saturn. So to change yourself from an Asteroid (I don't know why you want to do that, you have a game named after you) to a moon (I don't know a video game called 'moon') all you have to so is orbit a planet. Now, its been some since I was at the Space Academy, but if memory serves; enter the gravitational force of a planet, traveling less than "escape velocity" you will orbit that planet. Too slow and you are in decaying orbit, destined to hit the planet; too fast and the gravity won't hold you in orbit. So, in knowing this I can truly be immortalized, I will launch myself into orbit and become Earths 2nd moon, you can just call me Neo.

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