Friday, December 24

Lets go to the Zoo

This is a story of long, long ago, in a room with a green carpet, and... oh, get on with it!

   When photos can capture a moment forever:

I grew up in a veritable zoo; 1 dog, several cats, fish, several tanks of, 1 bird, and of course my addition 2 gerbils. Their cage was constructed of an old fish tank, the 10 gallon one with the nifty new "habitrail" lid on top. Not quite as elaborate as the photo but, you get the picture...  Combining cats and rodents is a bit of a challenge, therefore my bedroom door was always shut; save the times I was in close proximity with a watchful eye. One day, I approached said door, being in 1/2 open 1/2 closed position, I walked in rushed, afraid my furry 4 legged friends had met their so called maker, Rosana Rosannadana, the cat. To my relief no cats to be found: instead Daisy (the dalmation disaster mutt) was perched in the middle of the floor; arms crossed, innocent looking gaze, as if you say "What?!". Daisy had torn the lid off the tank, it lay there, not so worse for wear, but the 2 gerbils had escaped. In looking I was able to recapture one of the rodents. Baffled by the missing rodent, I turned to Daisy to ask her where the other creature had gone; like she's really going to answer. There I saw, hanging from her mostly closed mouth, a tail! I would give a million dollars to have a picture of this. I reached over, opened the dog's mouth and out popped Rogo, the missing gerbil. Who, immediately scurried under the bed as he hit the ground. I was able to get him back to his cage, before he had dried completely. It was without a doubt one of the most comical events of my youth.

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