Friday, December 17

No, not lawn chairs...

Years past, this time would be spent as a telemarketer; "Hi, this is Greg with 'company name here'. Typical response would be, "I already put my lawn chairs away."
"I said Lawn Care".
      Now I know your are not thinking lawn care at this moment. I do want to remind you though, it was a tough year here at home, all plants took a beating in the drought and that does include the green carpet you call "my lawn". On the bad side, your lawn may need additional seeding this spring. If you are going to be doing any seeding please advise your lawn care provider with that information. The first application on a regular program does include a 'crabgrass control' herbicide; will by nature of the product prevent seed from germinating. Small areas can be 'roughed up' with a hard rake to break that chemical barrier.  Larger areas of seeding it would be best to hold off the crabgrass control until after the new turf has been established. 

     On the good side, turf is a very resilient plant. With just a little water can put up with some harsh conditions. I'm sure your lawn has lost some density through the drought, proper fertilization will no doubt help this situation. 
     This message has been sponsored by Turfman, that is where I work, which is how I pay my bills, including the cable which provides me with internet access that allows me to continue my endless babbling on my so called BLOG.

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