Saturday, January 1

New Year Day 2011

I sit here and think, why would anyone want to follow my blog? hmmmmm
I can't come up with a single reason. Some things are decided with out a reason though. I do hope that reading my senseless manipulations of words does bring a smile to your face or maybe a thought every once in a while.

What about going to Mars?

I have been accused of using subliminal messaging in my blog before. I don't know where the said accuser would get such a silly idea. I just write what's on my mind, and sometimes throw in an opinion here or there. Not saying I'm always right, just usually.

Have you called your sister?

.... so what was it I was talking about? Oh yea, water your lawn this year. Usually about July you need to start watering if we go a week with out rain. Trust me, it's cheaper than replacing or repairing. 

I know, it is somewhat of a one sided conversation here. It does help to have some feed back to keep the subject matter fresh and moving along. Have you ever looked at it as talking to the computer?

What about this fad with texting friends?

Are you still with me? you had that glassy look in your eyes, as if I wasn't saying something important. Where was I again, ah, sorry about the penmanship, I have sloppy handwriting. 
I've been told it's because I'm left handed and it's harder to push a pen than pull it. 

Can you identify the weed known as Black Medic?  

 This has been an attempt to draw a smile.... :) did it work?

Well that's all I have for right now, thanks for stopping by and reading.


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