Saturday, January 8

Random Post

Too much time? Well I'll be the first to say I do have too much time on my hands; rather than get in trouble I will post in a blog. Could cause trouble that way too but I shall continue.
Being a simple man, I don't have great inspiring words to write, and I'm sure you don't want an update on what is happening in my life. To much going on in your life to waste time reading others tribulations. I did go on a date last night, had a great time and... see, you're already bored.
Actually I was seeing someone, met on Christmas and things just didn't seem to work out. I liked her, still do, but there was just something "amiss." This is the first girl I've been out with since that.  
guitar still needs the stings changed, 
the cats are staying off the table, for the time being,
I was thinking of making guitar strings out of the cats but electric guitar strings are steel and nickel, no cat parts there and I would miss the little *******s. 
     So, its a new year, just like all the rest I have had for the past however many; nothing new. Cept the numbers.

Its been several days since I posted and I seem to be running out of steam on blogging something interesting. Pretty bad when I can't even come up with something to write. 

Red wine is best at room temperature

Not wanting to be telling you stuff you already know but I don't know what you know so I go on. My favorite wine is of course Cabernet Souvignon, the label, winery and price is not all that important. So, if I ever ask you over for dinner and tradition says red wine would work, stop by the convenient store and pick up something red, not in the cooler and don't worry that its only a couple of bucks. I do prefer something with a cork though. 

it should have a clutch

I always have preferred standard to automatic. Makes driving more fun and something to do. I do think when learning to drive one should start on a standard shift. This is of course not always possible so I will just let it go at that.   

Well I could go on, however you have things to do.

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