Monday, January 10

Stripes on the Shoulder

Just for a minute, if that, think... think
Think about the people that have made a difference, good or bad, in your life.
Well, yea... Mom and Dad. Need I say more? but I will. Mom and Dad is an important entity. Provider, protector, Keeper if you will. The single most important job in the world and you don't even need any training for it. My Mom and Dad while mistakes where made did a great job and they are definitely put in the Good column. 
    The little boy who cracked me in the head with a board at age 5, hmmm... lets put him in the Bad column. I thought he was my friend, ha....
     Ms Wynn, Ms Smith, and of course (my brother will disagree on this one) Ms Moore. In the good column. Especially Ms Moore.  These were a few of my elementary school teachers. Another very important role in a child's life.  Ms Wynn, I don't exactly remember, early school, think she was my 1st grade teacher. I just remember her being very nice.  Ms Smith, I recall, very hot! Excuse me ladies (I was a young BOY). Long flowing dark hair, always tied back, well you get the picture, I enjoyed class time. Ms Moore; now there's the one I remember most. English, literature, if you will in the 5th grade. She saw in me what I did not see and seemingly made me her project of the year. She was always kind, would work with me one on one to critique my writing. She made the class a challenge.  She just neglected to teach me about semi-colons; shame, could have  avoided all the red ink on my term papers for incomplete sentences. Note that I am not remembering my teachers of the later years. I think those in the education field must go through a sort of military training before allowed to teach at the Jr/Sr High School level. Seems the 'perfect teacher', you know, the kind, warm hearted, caring, understanding type; gets plowed over, used and abused by the 'not so good' kids. Therefore, being weeded out of the system to be replaced by the Hitlerish, demanding evil soul that really knows how to teach young adults. (this is just a theory) 

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