Saturday, January 29

Seems like logic

Let me just become another entity and talk politics a min.... ok, not so much politics as much as just looking at what it is for "what it is."
     It was decades, yes a small span of time, but lumped together, accounted for a long space of time... The world (the globe) had but 2 nations to achieve "Superpower" status. Well maybe China too, but for arguments sake lets go with the 2 that could single-handedly annihilate the world (the globe). Seeing as this is a competition of sorts, and there can only be one winner and the USSR no longer exists, ... 

     So, now Egypt wants to be Democratic and Gov't of the people by the people? That is what I have been hearing the past few days... Right?

    So lets recap what hasn't been discussed: We have the USA (superpower) and what we can call Indo-Russia (ex-superpower) Europe (not so super as a power as they are a friend) and whats left? Lets see, a few  'always have been and always will be' neutral  nations, and the "Middle East". Well, the Middle East can also carry with it the North Asian areas. Bit of an 'always has been' troubled area of the world (the globe).   

    Don't we consider Egypt to be Middle East?          (I'm trying to drop hints)


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