Monday, February 28

Neo getting the screws and such

     I don't claim to be a genius, but I do know when I am getting... I know how to make things work to my advantage. This is a royal pain in the kester! I really hate working with insurance companies. Had to do this routine about 5 years back when I first purchased my prized Green Monster.  Now I am again the victim of a driver not paying attention and you think the front of said car looks bad, wait till you see the rear end. So I sit waiting and waiting to hear what Grange insurance is going to offer for my troubles and I would think the responsible party should include that in addition to just paying what the car is worth on the market. I mean, what about how much I liked my car, what about the aggravation and despair for loosing the one car I do own. I'm not an unreasonable pirate, though I do see the flaws in the current protocol of insurance co vs damages. From where I sit, it would be well worth the extra money to keep the owner of said damaged vehicle happy. I'm not talking replace with a new car, I just want to get through this mess with comparable compensation.  We are talking insurance co/conglomerate, vs little ole me. Like the description of the killer rabbit, "big sharp teeth, the... look at the bones man!" (ref Monty Python Holy Grail) 
     I'm not a stranger to the feelings I am getting, as I said, I went through this ordeal not 5 years ago. Then again, I did come out smelling like a rose then, the "Ghetto Pimp Minivan" for the Green Monster. Oh, sorry no pic of the Minivan, but trust me, my daughter attached the nick name, and it did fit. 
      No advice, please, I have surrounded myself with those more knowledgeable. The insurance company wants to move the car to their place rather than just send an adjuster to estimate the damage, and come up with an equitable settlement with me.  Under consideration from those around, leave it where it sits, till I agree to turn the title over.
     Well so much for moving the car before it gets looked at, the insurance co is going to send an adjuster to the yard the car is sitting and I will work from there to see what can be done to replace The Green Monster...

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Rene/ Not The Rockefellers said...

no brightside wisdom here from me...uck...the only thing worse than an accident is dealing with the insurance companies.