Wednesday, March 9

The Red Dargon

My new vehicle, not so new. As I see it a new vehicle is a waste of money. Depreciation over the first few years is extraordinary. Finding the right used vehicle is a bit of a challenge though. You really need to put some time into it and these days who has extra time. So I shop the way I know is time effective, computer web sites. After looking till blue in the face, finding one or two that have been sold, turn out to be a bucket of repairs and being crushed for time I found a reasonable deal. I just had no idea how much of a headache it would turn into. First problem, I had no idea a car bought in another state would have so many loops to jump through to transfer a title. One would think the Bureau of Motor Vehicles is all you need; think again! Some BMV offices have Title offices next  door or close but not all.  Once you find the BMV with a title office nearby step one is wait. Wait in the line at the BMV till you get the person, pay a nominal charge (in this case, $3.50) for said person to 'inspect' the vehicle. Which as it turned out was just copy the vin # from the dash board. Get the inspection certification and go to the title office. Pay taxes and fees get the title in your name and back to the BMV where you get the license and registration. I guess I could see if the car was bought in California and needed transferred to New York. We are talking a state that is only 20 minutes away here; and the only reason it takes that much time to get from Cincinnati to Northern Kentucky is you have to take a bridge across the Ohio River. Just thinking, it would have been easier to get the transfer if the car was from Cleveland... which is 4 hours away;  non stop mad man driving @ 90 miles per hour.

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