Sunday, May 8

Happy Mothers Day

    Its just another Sunday. It is that particular Sunday, in the spring that marks the date of planting. We all have heard the old adage don't plant annuals till after Mothers Day. Just imagine a day set aside for a person that no long is around, and hasn't been for most /all of your adult life. All the mile stones; first apartment, first girl friend, 'the' girl friend that you want to marry, etc etc... All the things a typical guy thinks, "wait till mom sees this". All the blanks, she died when I was just 21. Strange how when her job was over, she went home. I was 21, my little brother was 20, and my sister was 22 married, and even had Mom participate in her wedding. (she's the lucky one)... 
This picture is all I have, leaving out all the memories of mom coming to the rescue.  Happy Mothers Day.

From experience, love your mom, cherish your days with her, when she is gone all you have is memories.

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