Tuesday, May 3

Vehicles and Apartments...Who Knew?

Hi again. Yes I know I didn't say anything before I left. I was in the process of moving. Over the course of 1 week, I managed to move most of my stuff, on my own. I did get help from 2 people, whom I need to thank graciously. On separate truck loads one I had help with my bed, my heavy table and the one dresser that was at best just to bulky to handle myself. The other was a co-worker who helped me with the desk I am sitting at right now. Thank you. 

Speaking of the truck... I'm not sure I have posted here in some time I may have left off the replacing of Green Monster with Red Dragon. Through an interesting set of circumstances, I was led to move my residence from what  my X wife and I came to know as home back to what I knew as home in my high school days. 
As if everyone knows me... how rude of me to assume...

When you think of Pirate Named Neo you should form in your head a picture, a picture of a cute little green Ford Probe, with a 5 speed and roaring 4 cylinder 2.o liter engine. Well through no fault of my own my little Green Monster was totaled, crushed, and towed to the junkyard. To be bought at an insanely generous price and replaced with a vehicle of similar value; in steps the Red Dragon.  

I owned a similar small truck a bit ago, liked it and thought, "why the heck not..."

Now, the main reason I stayed where I was, with all the terrible memories was the inconvenience of moving including but not limited to the vehicle with which to move my stuff. 

Not running away from problems, in fact most of that torturous span of time has been just considered history now, but it was more the price of a 2 bed room and only needing one. 
In moving I did consider some other options but one rainy Monday I decided to use my time effectively and went to a nice city-ish community here in Cincinnati and found myself a very nice place, one bed room, a dishwasher, a garage to park in, and to beat all... a wbfp! For those not in the real estate swing that is a Wood Burning Fire Place.
A very nice apartment to be sure. First night spent here, without a bed, and only a pillow to prop on was a Saturday night, it was so quite here you could hear the woods breathing. 

It may take a while, meet some neighbors and find out what the response time on repairs will be, but as I see it, I have not made a mistake in where I have decided to call home, again.  

Now I don't recommend moving... god it is such a night-mare,  but a change in scenery is a welcome change in some examples.

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