Sunday, May 29

My Home Town, now

Was just sitting here thinking, I should make a documentary/photo shot of the little town I call home. So, I now present to you what I would like to call Home. First of course is the Water Tower, it gets lit up for Christmas, and is located right behind the library on the East side of Down Town. The second shot is just a block of the down town area, has a city feel to it. 

Now this is The Eye Sore of Mt Washington.
Taking up about 2 blocks and I would call it the  Berlin Wall of Mt Washington. 
Yes, by name it is Kroger and I for one always thought they had more class than to just put a windowless, brick wall on what would be the High Visibility side of the building. 

Now as you can see Mt Washington is not in lack of nice looking buildings, why would Kroger, the Grocery super store of the area choose to build such an Eye Sore?

Back home, 
Is a nice building.

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