Sunday, May 29

A Memory now...

Driving around, I am close but not right where I grew up. Part 2 of childhood would put me in Anderson Twp, Cincinnati Ohio, and yes I will reveal I was born in Jersey. onward...
so driving around this afternoon, I decided to visit the "old place" the house where I lived when I moved with family to Cincinnati Ohio. Looks very similar, steep hill in front, the trees, save for the one Maple tree in front now, seem to remember a birch being about right there. The color of course is different, how many times has it been painted in the 30 some years since I left. Same railing on the front porch, could even have the same shutters, painted over each time the place was painted. 
     Mention painting, brings back the memory of the one time Dad decided to enlist me on the project. Wouldn't you know, being a bit timid of heights, what side do you think he gave me? Yup, cured of that light weight phobia for ever. 
     Loaded with memories of Mom, all the antics of growing up, school, learning to drive, and finally selling the place to move into what I am sure would be classified as Mom's dream home, as she was sick with cancer when we moved.

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