Monday, May 30

Speaking of Ford

From the sport truck to the freight-semi, Ford makes trucks. My truck is a Ford, have a friend with a truck, its a Ford, I work out of a truck, its a Ford. I see a truck on the road, thought crosses my mind, "only thing wrong with that truck is its not a Ford.  My friend has an F-150, my work truck, its an F-250, there is the F350, I even used to work out of an F-550. 

So, why call this one a Ranger? isn't F-50 the logical name, or do we call the others, 
Drum roll...
                                 Power Rangers?  


Tempo said...

F550? We dont have them here in OZ, but the rest are all very popular work and tow cars/trucks. There are still a lot of the old style F100's that have been done up as cruisers or cowboy style. (how embarrassing)

Neo said...

google my friend, ford f 550, It was the older bucket truck at a tree care place I worked, is shown in the photos the one hauling the 2 trucks.