Monday, June 13

How Far to the Top?

 This concept was taught to me by an old employer, it helped me at work but didn't work with my old girl friend.  I have been told it was part of an old training tape. The concept of 'the mountain of anger'. In an industry that I where many hats, sales/service/customer service/etc... I speak on the phone with customers. So the angry customer calls bitching and yelling on the phone... not often but it happens, take the stance, "the first one to talk looses". Even to say "yes I agree" sends him back to the bottom of the mountain. Just listen, and do pay attention, listen to what the person is upset about... eventually they get to the top of the mountain and find they have nothing more to say but " are you still there?" Now you can deal with solving the problem, "Yes sir Mr Smith, I will personally come over fix the ruts and solve this problem".
Yea, imagine that, I messed up once, angered a customer but you know what, I fixed the problem to the customers satisfaction  end of problem.

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Tempo said...

Sounds like good advice...except when it comes to women. They just never stop talking...maybe they never get to the top of the mountain, my wife sure never did...