Thursday, July 21

A little upset

Now I'm real mad, not a word one from anyone but me on the annivarsary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. I mean I am on Face magazine and all and have NASA as a "like" or friend and not so much as a mention of the event  They (NASA) are all about the last flight of the space shuttle, which was a great idea, we needed another launch vehicle, that could do better than just a low earth orbit. Its not like I just jumped right down their throats, the launch of Apollo 11 was 7/16/1969, here it is 7/21, the day that Neil was quoted "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" and I am still waiting for one of those geeks at NASA to post something about this. Not gonna happen, I mean this is ridiculous, such a feat in history should be remembered, especially by NASA.
     Now I will say I still stand on the idea of building a spaceship already in orbit. Using the space shuttle, we have done it with a space station, I see no reason it can't be done to build a space craft. Aren't aircraft carriers and battle ships built in the water? Seems the larger vessels should be built where they are intended to be. Now, to my knowledge, the entire space shuttle program has been shut down. This makes no sense to me at all. A) you don't even have a way of getting humans and materials into at least a low earth orbit now, and B) if you build a Cruise ship don't you still want shuttle boats to get to it?
      Seem to be getting off the subject a little here, I still think that day some 42 years ago will still stand as the greatest accomplishment in Space Exploration History... what ever happened to having goals? Shouldn't Mars be the next step?
Your pissed Pirate\ friend,
                   Pirate Named Neo 


Windsmoke. said...

I hear ya and agree :-).

Tempo said...

Agreed, I keep looking at the last moon landings and the crap they were saying at the time...that they'd go back to the moon one day. But all the blokes got other jobs and the expertise was lost forever. I'm thinking the shuttle will be the same, the jobs go, the people go and the ability is lost forever.