Friday, July 22

I am blaming blogspot on this one

Or maybe I should blame my browser. Been having some trouble with edit and image posting with Firefox and can't even connect to the web with google chrome. So here I am back to the old Internet Explorer, which I detest... with a passion.
I will of course keep trying to get this together, only trouble with Firefox so far seems to be Blogger, Google Chrome is beyond me, I have looked and tried to solve the issues. 
Ok, Chrome issue has been solved, still out there is the Firefox issue with Blogger. This little post script is being done with Blogger, edit post. Using the Google Chrome browser
      Back in the day (always on Wednesday according to Dane Cook) I knew all the ins and outs of computer related problems, set up was a breeze, formatting, not a problem, sometimes the a last ditch effort to solve a problem. Since the advances of technology and it does always advance, I seem to have lost that edge. Of course I do still retain the knowledge of Pirating software and entertainment files, mp3 and Divx and what not. I suppose when time allows, winter time usually, I will read up and get caught up on the Techno- geek stuff again. So until that time the best advise I have is RESTART, the browser or the computer, depending on where in the problem presents itself.

             Your somewhat computer illiterate friend,
                                                                    Pirate Named Neo

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Inspector Clouseau said...

I will tell you this, if you ever see an error message with the number 503, beware. A couple of my blogspot colleague lost their entire blogs for a while when blogspot was behaving erratically. I lost all of my content at first, for months, and then got it back, but lost all of my modifications to the template. Ultimately managed to piece it together again.

Good luck. I know that it is frustrating.