Sunday, August 21

what.... more blogs or Using the proper tool

      Not to be cutting myself down, there's enough of that for everyone else, BUT... I'm so lame. 
Right.... so I'm looking at this weather site I like to use; as my job is rather dependent on the weather. I see a button up on the top banner, BLOG. Oh boy, another one. So how many blogs do I have now? Just kidding, I just jot my thoughts and experiences on this one. I have to say though, everyone is getting in to this blog thing, next thing you know the web site to pay my phone bill is going to come up with a blog page. I mean, really, what in the world are you going to a weather site to read blogs for? is your life really that empty? This is the person that I would suggest a hobby to, Russian Roulette might be my first suggestion. 
       I own a goofy cat... or actually to put it to correct tones, That goofy cat owns me. 

Getting some rain over here.... what's the weather looking like in your neighborhood? 

What is the hardest word for you to spell? I find it difficult to get weird right the first time 

Well that's all I have for now, time to get busy and do some laundry... oh thrills!


Windsmoke. said...

We're in the last month of winter down here in OZ but this week is going to be fine and sunny just like spring. If i'm unsure how to spell a particular word i grab my Collins English Dictionary :-).

Tempo said...

I'm in Oz just Like Windsmoke, here in South Australia the weather is great just now, warm days with cool nights. Late winter is usually colder but this year has been very mild.
I'd be nowhere without my spellcheck, I also use a freeware thesaurus/dictionary called 'The Sage' if you're looking for a good one.