Friday, August 19


      I'm not sure but I think I created this alter-ego 'Pirate Named Neo' some 6 years ago. Took some creativity, and some thinking. The Pirate part is easy. At one point after getting my first computer in 2003   I met a guy who was to say the least a computer geek. A cool computer geek though, career was construction, liked to party, no pocket protectors and no he didn't wear geeky eye glasses. Though he did have contact lenses. Rich was not so much my teacher as I was his student, in the line of software piracy. I asked allot of questions, payed attention and did allot of 'googling' information.  In a short while I did become astute in the workings of the computer and software. Though, not the classic, class room type studying, more learn as you go. Thus the Pirate.
This being said (time for a disclaimer)  I'm not so much a pirate, in the illegal sense of the character. 
Neo is a bit of a story, as it relates to both the movie 'The Matrix' and a furry friend of mine, Neoptolomus. Not wanting to bore you with the details, I use this as my screen name on the computer.   I don't use it as a real world name, though some of my co-workers and friends do kid around with  'argh, and matey'.
      Seems I have never met a lady to take an interest in my 'alter-ego'; till Karen came around. Not to seem like a 'Casanova' but I have dated a few different women in my time.  Karen has picked up a few items and bestowed them upon me. A recent birthday and 'I was thinking of you' prompted her to buy me some gifts. Quite a remarkable woman I have found. I know you are thinking; its just a name on the computer, but I did think it worth mentioning,

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