Sunday, September 11

3 Flights

      Oh ya hoo, oh boy and all that, the President, Vice President and all that are "noting" the 10 year anniversary of the 9/11 attacts, with small mention to the flight that went down in Pennsylvania, marking the passengers as true heroes. These are the same politicians that did not invite the police and fire depts of NY city to a Ground Zero Memorial noting back to the same date and horrible occurrence.   I do get a bit sick of the way the "media" portrays the heartless, scum that supposedly "run" this great nation are shown to be worthy, caring beings that really give a rats ass for the bravery and selflessness of some individuals. The 80 or 90 some passengers on that flight, decided with out outside influence "Country is more important than self"... I will wait here for someone to point out one, just one politician that would sacrifice him or her self to that degree. To stand for without regard to their political future much less their future as a human being. Not sure who it was that coined the phrase but, "to risk it all" for the sake of nothing in personal gain, but rather "for the sake of the nation". Just bow your head, and remember the ones that risked it all... Police, hats off, firemen (and women) hats off, the the passengers on the ill fated flight in the skies of Pennsylvania. 
    One might say I am discouraged with the leadership in our Government 


Windsmoke. said...

May all the victims of 9/11 "Rest In Peace" and never be forgotten, Amen :-).

Tempo said...

Yep, I get that too. The real heroes of the day were the ones who laid down their lives for the greater good. It's hard to imagine what they were thinking as they planned to bring down the plane that was keeping them alive