Saturday, October 8

Watching the moon and no I'm not talking about Luna

     Ok, yea its been a while since I posted, I'm a busy man. Gotta work, take care of the place and then there's the cats...
     So you maybe curious about the picture. No I didn't get an incredible view of Saturn's moon Enceladus with my phone cam, this is one of the hundreds of photos taken by Cassini. Not only do these geysers feed one of Saturn's rings, the E ring, also changes the chemical composition of the planet. Of all things, adds water to Saturn's upper atmosphere... This being the case, wouldn't the water have to be created on Enceladus? if the water is leaving the moon and adding to Saturn's atmosphere and has been for some time, wouldn't the water 'run out'? I forgot to mention, this is the only moon in the solar system that has been known to change the chemical structure of its parent planet.
      And now you know a little more about this incredible moon.  

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