Saturday, November 26

      Began this post using my phone, from the park... got a little frustrating, so I sit here at the ole computer, find it easier to catch typos and just plain easier to post. I can't post pictures on the phone, or haven't figured out how to do that do I am more comfortable on my computer. Beginning to wonder if it is worth the extra money to be "on the go" with the web at my fingertips. I do suppose it is handy to be able to see the weather radar, as I work outside and it helps to know when the rain is going to put a hold on my job. With the way the cell phone "gig" goes, I am stuck with this for a while, part of the "contract". I could cancel but that would end up costing the same as riding the agreement to the end. Would rather pay for what is not needed than pay to let me stop using what I don't need.
     Blogging is not something I really would want "on the go". Blogging is a hobby, something to do when I have nothing to do, right? So why blog on the go, on the go usually means I have something to do. 

So anyway, it is a pretty cool phone, even if it does more than I need.


Tempo said...

I'm hearing you there Neo, I bought one of those flash phones a while sucked! Could hardly see the screen and using it was just no fun at all...and the cost..dont go there!
I ended up buying another ordinary phone and gave the other one to my daughter who thought it was great. I've noticed now though that she's using the PC and not the phone for most of her web access.

Windsmoke. said...

Blogging is a hobby i took up in my retirement to keep the brain firing on all cylinders and can't see myself posting on a phone outside way too difficult and complicated its much easier on the PC inside where its comfortable :-).

covnitkepr1 said...

I'm one of a few that don't and have never owned a cell phone. Life's too busy as it is. I have a phone in my car with OnStar, so if I'm not at home or in the car...any news good or bad will just have to wait.

Oh, and thanks for the visit and the follow. I'm now your newest follower. If you weren't 100 miles away...I'd make you my lawn care professional.

Toyin O. said...

That is a cool phone, but you are right, you don't need to blog on your cell phone.