Saturday, November 26


     I do realize the comments text does not show on my blog, I don't know how to fix this, have tried several times, and have since laid it to rest and said Fuck It, or basically. Important part is I see the comment when it comes to my email, and I have even commented back on some comments. So the problem is the blog community can't see your comment from my post, but if interested enough you can see the comment by posting a comment, sorta bass akwards but what can you expect for free.
     Other than that, life is good, celebrated Thanksgiving last night, with a few friends over at my humble 1 bedroom apartment that I call home. Everything was great, the bird cooked to perfection (by me) the candied sweet potatoes were also good, didn't look like the pictures I have seen but it all gets chewed up and swallowed in the end. I do have to wonder why they did not have that glazed look I was expecting (the sweet potatoes, not my guests) My very first attempt to make gravy was a groovy success, I was reading that gravy was difficult to do, it was actually pretty easy. Being my own worse critic I will say the stuffing was a bit on the salty side, but received no complaints from my guests, I am happy with that.
      So here I sit, Saturday afternoon, have accomplished nothing, well I carcased the bird, and did a preliminary clean up of the tiny kitchen. Aired my grievance on blogger, and am ready to head out to pick up a few things that my budget will barely allow. Such is for the one who lives alone on a single paycheck as I do not want to work more than one job.
Peace and Long Life....


Windsmoke. said...

I've no problem commenting or reading comments on your blog. May i ask what has become of Karen??, no mention of her for a long long time, hope i'm not out of line asking this :-).

Neo said...

Wind, karen was of my guests last night... Thank you for asking... She is doing well we just can't get togethef as often as we like... Will change I am sure