Tuesday, December 13

Public Notice

   Now my friend has brought up a very interesting conversation piece... the chicken and said chicken's motives for crossing the street. One must be cautious when bringing up such critical matter though. What, with the very future of all mankind looming in the balance over said mentioned motives. Or... more exactly the public knowledge of such motives. Is it not my right to know? Then others will stand there and say, why do I need to know this. Yes, this is quite a dilemma.   Though I need to do more research on this complicated issue my stance still stands, and as you representative I will give this subject my undivided attention. Next challenge will be the decision of who came first.
                       your Representative in all things unknown, 
                                                                                 Pirate Named Neo


Windsmoke. said...

The chicken crossed the road to get to the other side. This has been the most popular assumption for as long as i can remember :-).

Tempo said...

I've no idea why the chicken bothered to cross the road let alone just how it survived the trip but I do know the answer to which came first. The EGG came well before the chicken..creatures were being egg born a long long time before the first chicken ran through the forest.