Saturday, August 11

Fleeting thoughts

So you think changing the president will change anything? Think twice on that one. Who is it that presents the  bills to the congress and the house... yep it's the Congress and The House. What is it they are ultimately looking for? Yep, to get re-elected. They are all politicians, will tell you what you want to hear. Many started the journey with good intentions, the thought that they could and perhaps would "change the world" make a difference, just for the sake of change and a common good. Not fame not fortune, just to make a difference. Something got lost along the way though, money? greed? fame? fortune? The whole system is flawed, by the "human factor". Time has its place in the mess too. What happened to the George Washington's and Abraham Lincoln's? Many great men have held the office of President, too many to count. The thought even crossed my mind when I was young. Maybe "I" will be president some day...I flushed that one real quick, when I found what the job entails... 
     So I am left with the question Who in their right mind would want that job?

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Beach Bum said...

Damn good question that I have absolutely no answer. I voted for Obama in 08 and will vote for him again in November but my stomach turns at both the bizarre right-wing and the equally screwed up left.

For me it boils down to the fact that I simply do not believe Mittens has any clue on how the middle class lives. Plus, if he wasn't hiding something he should release his tax returns, something his dad did and encouraged other politicians to do. No, I hold no special belief that Obama is much better but I have to go with what I believe is right.

If there is some cosmic answer to this country's problems its going to come from compromise and rational action.